WordPress Technical Support Engineer

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Headquarters: Washington, DC
URL: https://wpbuffs.com/hiring/

WP Buffs is the very best technical support partner for any individual, business or organization with a WordPress website. Building strong and long-lasting relationships with our customers is our highest priority. We're looking to add a team member who can make the priorities of our customers their own. Your ultimate goals are happy customers and magnificent WordPress websites. Boom!

"WP Buffs is not for everybody. If you're looking for a job that will let you coast, get away with being lazy and not be a team player, you wouldn't last long here. If you're ready to commit to a great team for the long-term, take the next step in your WordPress career and ditch the traditional 9-5, we're looking forward to seeing what you're made of. Booyah!" - Joe Howard, Head Buff

The types of support requests range from highly technical (speed optimization via Pingdom suggestions) to very straight-forward (CSS changes). Simple edits will be completed within minutes while advanced changes may take longer; it's your job to communicate effectively with our customers and set the right expectations. 

The types of customer interactions range from highly technical to conversational. You will mostly deal with folks who are not very WordPress saavy, but there are some who are. That's why you understand your job is to provide answers, insights and solutions, not send customers somewhere else to find help. 

Even more important than your responsibilities is how you fit into our team here at WP Buffs. Living and breathing our values and principles is an absolute requirement for any new recruit.


Everything we do is driven by our customers and white-label partners. Our aim is to help as many website owners and digital agencies with WordPress as possible. The goal is to get so many people comfortable with WordPress that it powers 51% of the internet.


You can read all about our values here (https://wpbuffs.com/about-us/). They're completely public so that we're accountable for living up to them and our customers can hold us to these standards.


The hiring process looks like:

After an initial screening, you'll get an email with a few questions to answer. Following that, you'll have a few video chats with different people on our team to learn more about you and answer any questions you have about the position and company. 

If this goes well, we'll invite you to join our team and start your 30-day trial. During this period you'll work hourly as a contractor. This gives you an opportunity to make sure you enjoy the work and the team. Also it gives us an opportunity to evaluate your work. We'll have regular chats each week to share feedback and make sure we're on the same page. At the end of the 30 days, you'll be offered a permanent position if all goes well. 

This position is a great fit for someone who:


Success in this position looks like:

What we expect:

Tools we use:

These are the software tools you'll need to be (or become) proficient in:


Salary: $38K-$45K based on experience.

We support workplace diversity and do not discriminate on any protected class. We believe when we work together as a team of different views, experiences, and ideas, we can build amazing things.

To apply: If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us the following at [email protected] to apply: 1) Who are you? 2) What's your favorite post from the WP Buffs blog and why? 3) What was your last big adventure? 4) What's your next big adventure? 5) What's your favorite WordCamp memory? 6) What's the most fun technical challenge you've faced recently and how did you find a solution? (please go into technical detail) 7) How much time are you able to dedicate to this position? 8) Why do you want to work for WP Buffs? Why not companies like WP Site Care, Maintainn or GoWP? 9) A link to your GitHub profile (if you have one) 10) What's your favorite emoji? 💩

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