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Web Designer for eCommerce Agency

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Headquarters: New York City

Hi there! Let's make this personal. My name is Xavier Armand and I am the co-founder and creative director of The Vaan Group ( a fully remote UX design and engineering agency with headquarters in NYC. We’re looking to hire a web designer to work on e-commerce projects.

Our clients range from large e-commerce enterprises (>$100M per year) to successful mid-stage ($1M - $20M per year) direct to consumer e-commerce brands. You can see the full range client work/portfolio at our website and here are some long form articles that explain the UX and design details of some recent projects: 

Our design process includes a substantial UX phase including data collection, stakeholder interviews, and detailed wireframes on desktop and mobile. We are looking for a talented creative to take our detailed wireframes and turn them into polished concept directions and complete web designs.

We’re a realistic group, not looking for rockstar ninja wizards. Our team resides (or is working from) New York City, Warsaw, Berlin, London, Croatia and Norway. Added bonus for working on e-commerce projects? We get free products all the time from our clients. :)

A perfect candidate has well-formed design opinions, appreciates color theory and typography, great discipline, naturally established work habits, and takes delight in their work.

A great quote about what we're looking for from people who have been managing remote teams longer than us:

"Everyone has to be an A-player. Remote team members are used to four to six hours of focused, uninterrupted work every day. You have to be able to get through problems on your own and be productive without asking for help. There’s no substitute for skill and experience in those cases."

We have specific design needs to be done so can hire quickly.

To apply: Send your portfolio and/or LinkedIn and/or resume to [email protected]

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