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Web Designer

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Headquarters: Carlsbad, CA
URL: https://jamiak.workable.com/


Jamiak LLC. is looking for a talented, experienced Web Designer with a visionary eye for creating beautiful modern user experiences. (REMOTE friendly role)


This candidate will be responsible for overseeing and leading all creative initiatives from concept to delivery. You will work with account managers and project managers to provide expertise on UI/UX design, and information architecture and connect the dots between business needs, innovation and good design.

Driven by impact and Data: We are passionate about creating our direct to consumer brands that deliver a better experience and are always asking, “How can we improve our customer’s experience?” and then use testing (User and A/B) to reveal the effectiveness of any given update or project.



To apply: Complete online application https://jamiak.workable.com/j/CE00194B73

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