UX/UI Designer

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Headquarters: US/EU
URL: https://legalcom.group

We’re looking for a reliable and talented UX/UI designer to help us grow our projects. We work on our own websites and apps.

About The Work

Our work is in the legal space. We aim to educate our customers about the legal questions & topics they are interested in and simplify their experience while navigating through the legal issue they have.

Your UX/UI design work will help our customers navigate our websites & apps and also help us start new websites where we can publish our content and grow our customer base.

Your design efforts will help our entire team understand the importance of good design.

We need your help to take on our current challenges (and beyond):

Job Requirements

It’s a major plus if you have any of the following:

How Do We Work?

We work remotely. We generally don’t need to sync time zones. The tools we use to collaborate are:

How To Apply?

Please send an email to [email protected] with:

Please format your subject line as follows: Your Name | UX/UI Designer (example: John Doe | UX/UI Designer)

To apply: Please see the instructions above at "How to Apply?"

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