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Software Engineer

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Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

A team's ability to retain and transfer ideas defines their competitive advantage. Slab is building their long term memory. We reimagined the humble knowledge base from the core user needs to make information sharing within teams fast, intuitive, and empowering. Behind the scenes we geek out over the latest technologies to put a simple and elegant product on the center stage.

We are a small team building software to make the world's workplaces more productive. Our team has domain experience in productivity and collaboration, having founded and sold a YCombinator backed document collaboration company (became Salesforce Notes), shipped products at Airbnb and Dropbox, and maintains one of the most popular open source projects.

Slab has raised a 2.2M seed from NEA, CRV, Matrix Partners and relevant investors who have all started companies themselves.

Technologies We Use

No one on our current team knew half of these technologies before starting and we do not expect you to either — but you should have the desire and capacity to learn quickly!

Sound like You?

Extra Credit

Compensation and Benefits

Salary: $100k - $150k (Geographically adjusted)
Equity: 0.25% - 2%

To apply: Apply at — or email [email protected] to just chat. We love meeting and helping talented and driven people regardless of where they are or are headed.

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