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Note: I'm hiring for several roles to do outreach (backlink building), keyword research, and SEO audits. Please note in your application which of these you can do.

Sagashi Labs is an SEO consultancy where we help clients achieve real business outcomes by increasing their visibility and traffic from search engines. We primarily work with tech enabled business and startups, but we also work with professional service providers in the medical field. Most of our clients are up and coming startups backed by Y-Combinator and have received millions of dollars in funding.

All of our work is white-hat and the key services we offer are:

I'm looking for reliable remote workers who have significant SEO experience either inhouse or agency. Please highlight your agency experience and tenure in your application. You can be moonlighting, just so long as you have no conflicts of interests between your clients and ours.

Primarily I need people who can do keyword research according to my methodology (I can explain this to you) along with thorough SEO audits that are well-formatted, have a high attention to detail and leave no stone unturned.

You'll love SEO. It has to be something you naturally enjoy doing. Also, you take great pride in doing a top notch job, and paying attention to the details you think nobody else will notice. Most importantly, you'll have a committed attitude where you take your work seriously and give your full attention and effort to the task at hand. Your word is your bond and you honour your commitments.

I prefer working with remote workers but it's important that you see this as a true commitment. I'm not looking for someone who is looking to fund a party around the world lifestyle. I'm looking for someone who values their location independence but wants to do good work.

Tasks you should have high levels of competence in:


What we offer:

The Application Process

  1. Send in your application to the email provided including your work history, and cover letter. Please let me know your current situation, what you're looking for, what time zone you're typically in, and your general availability. Level of English if you are not a native speaker.
  2. I'll then contact shortlist candidates to perform a test task. Every candidate will receive the same task. It will be capped at 3 hours in time commitment.
  3. Next is a video call interview to discuss your test task, SEO background, and the role.

To apply: Please send your work history, cover letter, LinkedIn, availability, time zone, and reasons for applying to [email protected]

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