Senior Polyglot Developer

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Headquarters: Zagreb, Croatia
URL: is a fast-growing company, offering automated testing of programming skills to companies that are hiring software developers. About 70% of our 2.200+ customers are from English-speaking countries. The remaining 30% are spread across the rest of the world. A list of customers include such companies as eBay, PayPal, and Turkish Airlines.

Our testing philosophy is that doing well on a sample of work is the strongest predictor for doing well on the job itself. That's why the majority of our questions ask candidates to implement something, fix a bug, or analyze something.

As our business is growing, we need someone to help manage our programming tests consisting of the following tasks.

Managing question creation:

Quality control:

Question-level support:

You'll be finding experts for a domain and combining their knowledge of the domain with our experience in creating good questions. You'll be analysing existing questions, finding patterns, proposing ways to improve them, and bringing the whole question library to an even higher level of quality.

If you like communicating with and helping people (in written English) and you like learning many different programming languages and frameworks, you'll find this job ideal.

We will treat you exceptionally well. You don’t need to come to the office. If you want, you can work in your flip-flops from the beach. Our current 50+ content collaborators are spread across the world. All eleven of us at TestDome telecommute and get together every few months.

Salary range: 32,000-46,000 USD per year.

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