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Senior Java Engineer

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Headquarters: London, UK


Engage builds software to make the process of finding, hiring, managing and paying temporary workers painless. Our software is making waves in the UK recruitment industry and we’re growing our team so that we can get our products into the hands of more people, faster.

Our diverse group of engineers are a friendly and supportive group of individuals, spread all around Europe, and we are looking for a senior Java person to join us who:

You must:

Any of this sound familiar?

We don't need you to be a JavaScript expert, but having used Angular, Backbone, React or similar modern framework is important.


We believe you can ship great products from anywhere, and we have a diverse group of engineers spread all over Europe. We need you to be in a compatible timezone; it makes communication faster and more effective. Some things still require face time, so we bring the whole team to London regularly to meet, eat, chat and play.

To work at this level you have to love technology, but not for its own sake. For us, technology exists to allow us to make our users successful.

We're always looking to get better. Nothing is set in stone and everyone is allowed an opinion. We hope that once new team members find their feet and get comfortable, they can contribute to making all of us better.

We offer share options.

As part of our hiring process, we ask candidates to do a coding test, which is based on our in-production set of technologies. You'll have the opportunity to see how we work, and you can decide if you like our style.

To apply: Visit our page on workable and click the button to apply!

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