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Senior Infrastructure/DevOps Engineer

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Headquarters: San Francisco (or Remote)

Logikcull might be the most interesting company you haven’t heard of - yet. You probably use Dropbox or a similar service on a daily basis. Now imagine a service where customers upload entire email databases, nested zip files, images in every conceivable format (and some inconceivable), hard drive exports, and other content described as “anything and everything.” Logikcull customers need to understand this data quickly and thoroughly. Simple enough. Put it in S3, right? But here’s the catch, unlike Dropbox, Logikcull must rip the data apart, analyze metadata and text and then restructure it so that legal teams around the world can navigate complex discovery matters. Existing discovery solutions are tired and insufficient. Logikcull is truly something different.

This of course requires massive computing, storage, and supporting infrastructure that will surely feel small 6 months from now. Our technical challenges are both broad and deep. Emails have attachments and exist in threaded conversations. A Word document might be a simple letter or embed presentations or even entire email archives (yep, seen it) Almost anything can be printed to PDF.

Logikcull is a complex web application that sits on top of a distributed document processing pipeline that handles millions of documents and multiple terabytes of data each month. Current customer growth trends mean we have some serious infrastructure work ahead of us. You are important because we need help on multiple fronts. We must expand document processing capacity and performance, increase system reliability, and improve our security posture. Customers in 34 different countries (and counting) are depending on us.

It’s controlled chaos at scale and we love it. Here’s why:

The technical challenges are staggering, but the potential impact even small changes can have is incredibly motivating. Last month we shaved 8.5 seconds off of an important document processing step. Multiply that by 10’s of millions of documents and the impact is enormous. Engineers will find opportunities like this over and over.

The impact Logikcull is having on our society is likely even more rewarding. For example, our government customers are now responding to open records requests (i.e. FOIA), in days, not months or years (yep, not kidding) by using Logikcull. Citizens lawfully requesting and receiving government information in a timely fashion is crucial for our democracy. We’re committed to making this process better every day.

Similarly, we’re committed to changing the economics and logistics of discovery in litigation, which is often prohibitively expensive and complicated for those who need it the most. Logikcull makes it easy, fast, and affordable for anyone to participate in the discovery process. To us, litigation is sometimes required to affect positive change (see this blog post about how Logikcull helped to save an endangered species of wolves, not a joke) Discovery should not be weaponized. Access to justice should not be means-tested.

These are some of the reasons we do it. Do any of them speak to you? Our engineering team would love to meet you.

Job Responsibilities
  • Support backend document processing engineers
  • Support frontend application engineers
  • Be a great Engineering team member
  • Be a great Logikcull employee

    Job Requirements
  • Experience with Configuration Management, Infrastructure-as-code, and demonstrated ability to work closely with developers
  • Experience working at a startup, ideally in a high growth phase is a strong plus.
  • Strong personal time and task management. There will often be competing priorities. Important vs. Urgent will come up frequently.
  • Data rules everything around you. You love to show before and after metrics.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills -> remote team makes this a must
  • Master question-asker.

    Culture Requirements

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