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Senior Devops Kubernetes (Americas)

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Headquarters: Bangkok, Thailand
URL: https://loomx.io

We’re Loom Network, a Techstars NY ’18 startup. We build blockchain tech that makes it easy for developers to build large-scale games and social apps on Ethereum.

If you’re in the crypto space, you may have already heard of us. We’re the first Ethereum scaling solution in production (https://www.coindesk.com/ethereums-first-production-scaling-project-catch/), Vitalik has tweeted about us (https://twitter.com/VitalikButerin/status/984651585476116480), and our free code school CryptoZombies.io is the #1 Ethereum programming resource on the Internet.

About technical team here

Our technical team is largerly remote, working in Asian timezones. We have 25+ developers and several engineering managers, we are looking for someone to come in and manage our Americas timezone operations. 

We’re looking for someone (full-time, remote ok) who IS good at staying organized and systematizing things, who can manage Kubernetes clusters, ansible and cloud hosting.

Activities will include:

* Stress and Load testing 
* Spining up clusters with ansible
* Multidatacenter, multi cloud connectivity 
* Monitoring, ideally with Prometheus and Grafana

About our stack:

* All our blockchain software is written in Go
* We are big fans of Vue.Js on the frontend but not religous
* Mysql and Elastic Search for traditional apps
* Everything is build on CI and continuous deployed to our staging environments
* We use Google Cloud and Kubernetes for all our non Blockchain workloads
* While not fully TDD, we do have extensive test suites for all our products

Our ideal candidate:

- Has built multicloud solutions 
- Knows ansible like the back of their hand
- Can spin up full environments for load tests and long living stress tests
- Knows Kubernetes 

Preferred experience:

- Having worked on a 24/7 ops team that is geographically distributed
- A background in Backend Software development 
- If you’re already knowledgable about Ethereum and DApp scaling, that’s a huge bonus! But not required.

To apply: Send GitHub and resume to [email protected]

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