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About MondoBrain

Artificial Intelligence is the easy part – turning it into meaningful business value requires innovation. At MondoBrain, our mission is to make the most powerful Artificial Intelligence engine simple and as easy to use as a video game. Each day, industrial processes, key business decisions, fraud detection, custom protection and many other mission critical applications are made more efficient and more accurate because of MondoBrain.

Join the MondoBrain transformation and fundamentally change the way that customers make their decisions.

MondoBrain is making a difference in people’s lives all around us. Our augmented intelligence software helps organizations make critical decisions that drive change every day, like how to produce better drugs, capture the bad guys, keep kids safe, maximize customer satisfaction, and even ensure that children who struggle against allergy are less exposed.

At MondoBrain, we know that if you treat employees like they’ll make a difference, they will. We set the bar high for our employees and provide a culture that fosters creativity and innovation. Whether your job involves developing our software solutions, conceiving new algorithms, selling them, marketing them or partnering with our customers about them, your role is important and we want you to know it. Employees are happier if they feel valued and appreciated. Mutual respect goes a long way, because satisfied employees mean satisfied customers.

We are looking for independent thinkers, data scientists, engineers, developers, statisticians and business developers who want to join a company that believes in innovation. We are committed to flawless execution and delivery, and we take pride in helping our customers thrive in today’s challenging environment.

For this particular position, we are interested in Devops Engineers. We are looking for someone that could hit the ground running and help us develop and improve our devops system. The ideal candidate would be someone who can work with our current infrastructure, find flaws, and recommended possible improvements that follow best practices. 

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