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Senior Designer w/ Divi Theme Experience

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Our ideal designer is someone who has great communication skills and really excels in happy clients. They also have great skills, specifically in Divi (or X-Theme), although experience with a similar front-end visual editor will likely work. They also probably live in Canada / South America / Europe and have fluent English. 


Hours and Overtime Notes:
There will be anywhere from 40-50 hrs per week of work (so lots of opportunity for additional income) - also lots of opportunity for career advancement - we have gone from from 4 to 30+ fulltime employees over the last year alone and you can read our employee reviews here: (link removed) - also we have a great work environment (group chat via Slack) and have lots of fun here. Seriously, every one of our employees loves working with us. 


Our growing organization is looking for someone extremely proficient with WordPress Theme Customization / HTML / CSS, IDEALLY with experience in Divi or X-Theme & Cornerstone. If you don't have experience with these frameworks, but you're a killer designer with great communication skills, we still encourage you to apply!

Client signs up for a new site and will complete a number of 'client questionnaires' that will include all of the information that needs to make it's way into the site (so all of their contact information, their logo, personal photo, photos to use in image slider, social networks etc

We will clone an existing 'template' site which will many of the defaults already set, and then it's up to you to basically work with the responses in the questionnaire to build out the 'first draft' of their site. We use the 'x-theme' framework for WordPress, and most of the design will be done in Cornerstone (an advanced front-end visual editor, again very similar to Divi or Visual Composer)

We are looking for some with above average skill as our sites are amazing! (check for recent examples) - we're also looking for a stellar communicator - as you'll be managing jr. designers and speaking directly with clients and giving 1 on 1 demo's (more on that below)


These are huge bonus skills, so if you have these, as well as the above, you'll be a front-runner for this position.

We are looking to hire ASAP!

Important Note
In your application, please also let us know your favorite color so we know you've actually read this :)

To apply: To apply, please send an email to [email protected] with answers to the following questions: 1. Please provide examples of WordPress websites that you have designed using a visual editor like Divi/X-Theme/Cornerstone that you feel best represent your design abilities, along with any notes that you believe are relevant. 2. Can you please give an idea of how good your client communication abilities area? This is extremely important given that you will be doing virtual demo meetings with prospective clients and our company growth model is predicated happy clients :) 3. Any other information you think may be relevant to the position? (i.e. experience building real estate websites, experience with IDX plugins etc)

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