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SaaS Content Marketing Writer

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Headquarters: Denver, CO

Hi there,

We're looking for writers. Preferably, ones that don’t suck. ;)

Seriously though. This person should be:

Personality is a plus. We write about boring, dry, technical topics. But that doesn't mean the content should be boring. In fact, we go out of our way to spice things up. Storytelling is a must. Inappropriate jokes and pop culture references almost always work, too.

We're primarily looking for full-time team members to grow. Salary depends on ability, of course. Contract/freelance is OK, too.

This position is virtual. You can be sitting on a beach for all we care. You could stay up all night and write after some rave (crazy kids). But your writing better be on time. And attention to detail better be spot on.

Otherwise, we're fun and laid back. Life's too short.

I hope this sounds interesting. At least, not ungodly boring like that last position you just read about at some nameless, faceless, insurance company.

Questions? Lemme know.

Otherwise, please apply here:

Thanks and hope to talk soon,

- Brad

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