remote front end lead developer for transportation analytics software startup

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Headquarters: Chicago, IL

We are looking for experienced mobile/front-end engineers to help design and build out our platform. We’re aiming to aggregate logistics data to enable customers to operate more efficiently and connect them with other logistics companies. We believe we’re on to something big, but to get there we’re working through end-to-end complex problems in a complex and old-fashioned domain.

Logistics software is notorious for overloading users with information, which requires a masters in spaghetti science to understand. Complexity in enterprise software is unavoidable, but we believe the end user shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to manage it. This may seem simple, but logistics is filled with antiquated processes and users.

If you consider yourself an experienced designer magician who can bring fun to traditionally boring domain, or someone who can make up for lack of experience with passion, we’re looking for you.


-Angular & Firebase
-A mobile development platform
-Talent for creative and functional solutions to difficult problems
-Strong computer science fundamentals
-A stomach for working in a fast-paced and uncertain problem domain
-Ability to ship quality code quickly

To apply: [email protected]

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