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Product Marketing Associate

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Headquarters: Austin, TX

DoneDone is a simple issue tracker primarily used by digital agencies to manage the development, testing, and customer support of websites, apps, and other software.

We’re hiring our first Product Marketing Associate to help increase awareness of our product. You’ll be working with our super small team to engage our existing audience and expand it as we grow our product to a wider audience.

Your Primary Objective
Near-term, you’ll start by engaging our audience. They haven't heard from us in a while.

In parallel, you’ll help market the next generation of DoneDone. You’ll impact our positioning and voice, and help us steer a revamped marketing site and the product itself.

Ultimately, your goal is to get DoneDone in front of more people in a wider range of industries and articulate why it can help their teams.

How You'll Know You're Succeeding
You’ve researched our product and understand why customers would want to use DoneDone over our competition. Your research informs your writing on topics that are relatable to our target audiences.

You know your work is paying off because there’s a noticeable uptick in engagement with it, as well as an increase in trial sign-ups and overall brand awareness. You’re noticing an increase in social media engagement based on your time on the account.

Your Typical Week:

Key Jobs:
  1. Increase Awareness and Drive Traffic - Use social media to engage our audience and expand it. This may be responding to a customer on Twitter, testing out targeted ads on LinkedIn, etc. You’ll also write for our blog and marketing content previously written by the team.
  2. Evolve Our Marketing Site - As we work on the next generation of DoneDone, we’ll be refreshing our site to emphasize what’s new and how it helps our customers. You’ll help shape not only what DoneDone is but how we speak about it.
  3. Research and Growth - Research new industries that would benefit from our product and determine how to best engage them. We’ve got a lot of digital customers but there’s also opportunity outside of that space. Let’s figure out where and target them.


This is a contract, remote position. We encourage all qualified US citizens to apply for this job.
No recruiters. No direct phone calls. Thank you.

To apply: Please apply online at

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