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Headquarters: Peace River, Alberta

Squirrels. Dragons. Pyjamas. 

If that doesn’t peak your interest enough to read the full job description I’m not sure what will.


Maybe this? Your Birthday is always a "stat" holiday at WEARTH; because who wants to work on your Birthday? If your Birthday is December 25th (or another “regular” holiday for that matter), we are very un-Grinch like, and will therefore ensure another day off in lieu is included in your Christmas stocking.

Our corporate customers are more than just your everyday client. They’re our partners in sustainability; an integral part of our farm family.

Likewise, our interactions with those partners need to be more than just your run-of-the-mill customer service. We need to be building relationships that creates shared value; something that is both sustainable and meaningful for both sides to happily continue.

Without our partners we couldn’t plant more trees, store more carbon, or harvest more organic grains. And without a Partner Relations Manager our co-founders admit they are finding it exceedingly difficult (okay rather impossible) to keep up with the quality of service we strive to provide.

As our first ever Partner Relations Rockstar (and hopefully one day the manager of a team of future rockstars) you will:

To apply: Send a resume to [email protected]

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