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OKR Guru with *Some* Product Design Experience - Part-Time

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Headquarters: Raleigh

We seek a Part-Time OKR GURU who has the following attitude, experience and skill:

The Work / Help We Need You to Provide:
1 - Assist / influence a new Organizationaln Performance Mgmt System (OKR based) we're designing
2 - Craft OKR Guidance Documents that include:
   + Complete "Real World" OKR Example Data Sets that illustrates:
       - What good OKRs look like
       - How to align OKRS with those of others
       - Integrating other frameworks / methods including Lean Start-Up and Scrum
3 - Design and build out several training / learning workshops that might include:
   + Facilitated In-Person Events
   + Online Self-Paced Learning


To apply: [email protected]

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