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Headquarters: UK
URL: https://pixelcabin.io

About Pixelcabin 

Pixelcabin is an agile web development agency, focusing on e-commerce solutions for a wide range of companies. We work closely with Shopify expanding the native functionality with bespoke Rails apps that leverage Shopify’s extensive API, as well as building fully-custom front-end experiences. We are a core Partner of Shopify, with advance access to upcoming APIs and features, and are always looking to push the boundaries of what companies understand Shopify being able to achieve. 
Our team is small with steady growth and fully distributed, and working remotely has been part of our DNA since Day 1. This means you will find a great remote working environment focused around making your day-to-day enjoyable and efficient, both through excellent tooling (Slack, Rubymine), and a remote-only culture.
As part of a remote team, we encourage finding a setup that provides both the work productivity and lifestyle that suits everyone, even if that is something completely different for each person. Without geographic constraints, time and location can be flexible to fit around each team member’s needs.
As our clients are also remote, we occasionally travel to spend time embedded in their offices, and this can also provide time as a team to come together. Outside of these trips, we also organise an annual meetup to bring everyone together for a few days to get away from our desks, bridge the remote-working gap, and plan for the future direction of the company - last year the team came together for a week in Hong Kong, whilst previous years have included California and Miami.
The company has evolved around a few core principles: quality over quantity, under-promise and over-deliver, and taking pride in your work. We take on projects that will present new problems for us to solve, and get excited about elegant solutions to complex challenges. Most importantly, we want to invest in our team - we encourage continuous learning and development and aim for a high degree of code-review as part of the day-to-day experience.

About You

We are seeking a mid-level front-end developer with exceptional attention to detail as well as being comfortable leading a software team for a given project. You will be exposed to a variety of different Shopify e-commerce builds, and given ownership of some upcoming projects currently in the planning stage. 

We are looking for someone that has strong problem solving skills, experience building maintainable codebases, and is comfortable working with front-end tests where code quality is prioritised over speed. 
Working as part of a remote team has many great advantages, however you will be expected to be able to communicate clearly with the team over a variety of different mediums (including daily video calls, demoing / pairing via screen-share, leading weekly sprint planning sessions), take a task through to completion, and being comfortable in raising issues or questions along the way. 

As a remote team across time zones, we have a flexible approach to work schedule, however we would usually expect you to cross at least 5 hours of 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday UK time during your first year of working with us.

Role and Responsibilities

Required knowledge and experience

Desirable knowledge and experience

Salaries and Perks

Pixelcabin is committed to building a culturally diverse company, and we value a broad set of opinions in our team. As we grow, we are looking to build a team with a range of viewpoints at its core, and we encourage applications from female and minority candidates.

To apply: To apply: Please send all applications to [email protected], including your Github, LinkedIn, and any other relevant links. The email body should include cover letter content, with a CV as an attachment (only required if no LinkedIn). The subject of your email should be ‘2019 Mid-Level Front-End Developer Application’. Application emails without this subject will be automatically screened-out and not read.

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