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Marketing Apprentice at Fast Growing E-Commerce Company

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Headquarters: Boise, Idaho

Do you want to learn digital marketing and entrepreneurship at a fast-growing, e-commerce company that serves a bigger mission in the world?

Harkla is looking for an ambitious, growth-minded person to join our fast-growing company as a marketing apprentice in a remote position. 

At Harkla, we make products for those with special needs. This allows up to not only have fun by growing a company but have a mission that directly impacts the lives of those who really benefit from what we do. 


On top of what Google says, an apprenticeship is an amazing way to get real-world experience while cutting your learning time drastically. The experience you gain in an apprenticeship is usually unattainable in any other way. Learn more here, here and here.

You will be working directly with the founder of the company to help execute current marketing campaigns and projects, but you won't be just an assistant. You will be coming up with your own marketing ideas and be given full licenses to test and pursue them. 

The founder, Casey Ames, has been working in digital marketing for half a decade with multiple successful businesses, including starting Harkla from scratch into a growing 7-figure company. Not only will you be getting work directly with him, you'll get access to his network, courses, and any learning opportunities that will help you up your game. 


  • Expanding & optimizing our marketplace presence
  • Optimization of our sales funnel
  • Come up with and execute new ideas on how to drive growth for Harkla 


    Details about the Job:
    This job will start with a 4 week part-time trial period, 15 to 30 hours a week.

    The compensation for the trial period will be $12 to $18/hr depending on experience. 

    After that trial period, if we all decide we are going to make great teammates, you'll become a full-time member of the Harkla team. 

    To apply: To learn and more about the role and apply, click here:

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