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Marketing and Operations Associate

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Headquarters: Boston, MA
URL: http://careers.pixelsforhumans.com/marketingops

About You
You’re comfortable taking direction or leading the charge as the situation requires. As part of a small team, you know that collaboration and independent work are both essential for success. If you enjoy a good team meeting and distraction-free time to get things done, this job is for you.

You’re someone who can evaluate problems and execute solutions. You know how to tackle tough challenges without burning yourself out. If you’re a person who loves making lists and completing them, this job is for you.

You care and value kindness. Yes, we all need to the pay the bills, but you know a job doesn’t have to be soul-sucking to make bank. If you’re interested in creating big-picture meaning into your everyday work, this job is for you.

You’re tech savvy and good at figuring things out. You know that finding the right answer from a Google search is as much an art as a science, and it’s one you’ve mastered. If you love using technology to solve problems, and want to spend more time doing it, this job is for you. 

The Job
This is a part-time, independent contractor position. We are seeking someone who is committed to growing with the CEO and the company, as we expect this role to grow. 


Logistics and expectations:

To apply: Cover letters are old news. Instead, email your resume to [email protected] and answer me these questions three: 1. Can you share a site or app that has good UX? What’s good about it? 2. What’s the biggest challenge in tech today? 3. If all jobs paid equally and you could have any job (or no job), what would you choose? Why? Note: We highly encourage WOC, non-binary folx, LGBTQIA, and disabled folx to apply.

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