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Full-stack Python, React, Ruby, Elixir Developer

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Foxbox is a creative application development consultancy looking for super smart & creative developers who care about their code.  We embrace the latest development practices with a focus on automated tests and continuous delivery.

We are a brand new consulting company and you are the first developer on our team. You’ll work with an experienced CTO who has lead development teams at multiple successful companies and built applications that scaled to handle millions of users daily.

Our first client is a company that manages short term rentals and they want to build a tool to automatically price their units based on historical data.  We're building the tool in Python with a PostgreSQL database. We have the logic scoped out, the historical data ready to go and we need you to build the tool.

We will be taking on projects to build apps in React Native, Ruby & Elixir in the near future.  We're looking to build a small team of developers and together we'll build our future client projects.  If you enjoy challenges, learning new things, and working on different projects, then come join our team!

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To apply: Tell us why you’re a great fit and why you love to code. Send us a resume and a cover letter to [email protected]

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