Full-stack polyglot for energy industry

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Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY and Chicago, IL
URL: http://bellawatt.com

Are you looking for:

Great! We build user-friendly software for the energy industry. Our CEO (Eugene) has deep energy experience including expert witness testimony, and our CTO (Brian) is a creative jack-of-all-trades. Both still spend most of their time coding. We're a company of makers.

Together, after just about two years, we have active clients that include two publicly traded energy companies, plus the U.S. Department of Energy. We seem to have struck a nerve with industry insiders that want to see electric utilities catch up to how the rest of the world does business. This is a space to work where our contributions can have a huge downstream impact on critical issues such as climate. It's a space that looks unsexy to some, and we love it.

Now, we need help. We’re looking for a full-stack polyglot that can both lead a project and occasionally jump into someone else’s. Would you describe yourself as:

In short, we are excited to have a new team member, not a new employee.

To save you some googling:

We won’t waste your time. Our interview process is straightforward:
  1. Email us. If we don’t think you’re the right fit, we’ll tell you right away.
  2. Informal Skype interview where we get to know each other and discuss each other’s expectations. If we like you, we’ll ask you for a writing sample.
  3. Technical Interview Part 1. We’ll want you to show us two examples of something you’ve built - something you’re proud of, and something you’ve struggled with. We don’t pretend to breeze through our days coding, and neither should you. We respect your time and don’t believe in making you do homework.
  4. Technical Interview Part 2 (about a week after Part 1). We’ll architect and plan a brand new product together dynamically. We’ll send you an excel spreadsheet that we’d like to app-ify, and you’ll lead the process as if we’re building it out together over the next year.
  5. If we like you, we’ll send you an offer.


Eugene and Brian

To apply: [email protected]

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