Full Stack Developer (US only)

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Headquarters: Remote
URL: https://dialbot.co/

We’re a small, fully remote and self-funded company that helps sales teams connect with prospects faster over the phone. Our customers use our product daily (~10,000 calls/day) and give us regular feedback. Because we’re self-funded, we avoid the hyper-growth of traditional VC startups, and we believe a few people can accomplish a great deal. We validate before we build, work on our own schedule, and execute on a focused vision.

This role is ideal if you like to work across the stack, routing calls through our event-based SIP softswitch, displaying real-time call information in our UI over WebSockets, or processing streaming audio for speech recognition. We use TypeScript/Node.js, Ruby, React, and Postgres. We appreciate knowledge of these specific technologies, but it isn’t required.

What we’d love to see:
Please reach out at [email protected], and feel free to include your resume, why you’re interested, and anything else that’s relevant.

To apply: [email protected]

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