Freelance Service Designer / Facilitation Toolkit Designer

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Headquarters: Raleigh, NC

We are an Enterprise Digital Transformation firm that has developed novel Human Centered Design methods and intervention techniques that radically foster corporate transformation and reinvention.    We have a number of proven frameworks that we use for helping facilitate companies for digital that focus on a variety or core themes including:  agile structure, adaptive leadership, agile performance management, and product / customer experience innovation.

Our Need
We need to productize our intellectual property so that we can more rapidly on-board practitioners seeking to master and employ our methods and tools.  These practitioners could be future employees of our firm, 3rd party partners, as well as transformational change agents that work inside large companies.

Our Context
The work of a Service Designer / Method Toolkit Designer will be to synthesize our current assets and help us to polish, integrate, and package these assets for use in a variety of contexts including:  Marketing / Sales Engagement, Client Engagement / Facilitation, Practitioner On-boarding and Training.

The Work - Deliverable's (examples)
Deliverable's will cover a range of service design / method toolkit themes including:

Ideal Candidate
We seek a freelancer who can work with and for us from anywhere in the world, however impeccable written and oral English skills required.
Freelancer will be flexible to work part-time, with a schedule that can accommodate the need to scale up and down as our needs change over time.
MUST be passionate about digital transformation and organizational / behavioral change management.

Skills and Experience required will include:

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