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Finance Specialist

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Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

As a Finance Specialist, you will thrive at working in Toptal’s fast-paced environment while continuously demonstrating your ability to maintain world class customer service. You will display exceptionally high standards regardless if the task you are focused on is simple or complex. The ability to prioritize tasks and manage your time effectively comes naturally to you, ensuring efficiency with every detail you handle and see through to completion.

Your ability to professionally communicate, both written and verbal, will shine through with every client interaction you have. Through your attention to detail and the emphasis you place on exceptional service standards, discrepancies will be resolved appropriately and incoming payments will be processed efficiently. Your understanding of how to explain payment transaction details to clients is essential to ensuring business relationships remain strong and clients feel valued. You understand the impact exceptional service truly has on your own success as well as the strengthening of client relationships. You set the bar high and work daily to push the limits when it comes to service standards.

This is a remote position that can be done from anywhere.


You will bring a can-do spirit to work with you daily. You will always remain professional in your communication whether working with internal teams or clients. Your natural ability to remain organized will be evident as you see tasks through to completion with efficiency. You will use the internal tools and payment applications available to you to complete daily tasks and continuously look for ways to better leverage resources. You will assist with financial reconciliations, document control, and other basic accounting and clerical functions to support the overall business. You will approach every challenge with a positive attitude and view problems as an opportunity to make improvements. Your team, clients, and others will know they can always count on you to provide exceptional service always and uphold the Toptal reputation.

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