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Email Marketing Manager (contract, remote, part-time)

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URL: https://crossword-hobbyist.breezy.hr/p/636f4addee7f-email-marketing-manager-contract--remote--part-time?source=weworkremotely

About the Role

We’re a small, growing company looking to up our email marketing game from “haphazard startup” to “well-oiled machine”. We’re Crossword Hobbyist (https://crosswordhobbyist.com) and My Word Search (https://mywordsearch.com), the absolute best way to make crosswords and word searches online. We’re the best because “delight the customer” isn’t just a motto for us: it’s why we exist. And incredible email communication is essential to meeting that mission.

We’re looking for an experienced email marketer who can take ownership of all aspects of email marketing, from onboarding emails that are personalized based on customer behavior to launching 1-2 newsletters for >500k recipients on two brands.

The position will begin with a one week, 40-hr trial contract focused on personalized emails. The trial period is designed to make sure we enjoy working with each other and that it’s a great fit for both of us.

After the trial period, you’ll get responsibility for launching the newsletter and managing the personalized customer emails on an ongoing, part-time basis. The exact number of hours is negotiable.

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To apply: https://crossword-hobbyist.breezy.hr/p/636f4addee7f-email-marketing-manager-contract--remote--part-time?source=weworkremotely

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