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eCommerce Product Marketing Specialist

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Headquarters: Annapolis, Maryland

Xcel, a subsidiary of American National Rubber, is a leader in recycled rubber and trusted by the US Government, US Military, and all major automotive companies. We are on a mission to better our planet by massively decreasing waste, through the recycling and repurposing of rubber products for everyday needs, and are seeking individuals who are passionate about the sustainability and well-being of our environment to join our team and help us grow the marketplace for products made with recycled materials. To learn more about us, check us out at

Currently, our team is looking for an eCommerce Product Marketing Specialist to lead the development and growth of our product marketing and campaign efforts. Responsible for leading product strategy, campaign evolution and reporting, we are seeking an extremely driven, quick-learning, and detail-oriented individual for a fast growth position on our team!

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