Customer Success Specialist

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Headquarters: USA

We are looking for someone with the skills to help customers get up and running in our platform, advise them on their manufacturing and production questions, provide some training in how to use the software and generally ensure customer success.

You will work with a wide variety of food, beverage and natural products companies (think packaged food and beverages, beauty products and cosmetics, cannabis, nutritional supplements, pet food, etc.) from around the world. This role will require some technical chops, business knowledge, manufacturing expertise and constant communication with customers to proactively offer them onboarding support and assistance.

We’re looking for a talented and creative person who loves supporting customers throughout their journey and is excited about our mission helping the smaller food and natural product companies grow into "giants".

Qualifications & Experience:

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This is a full-time position with performance & milestone incentives and benefits. Comprehensive training on our system will be provided.

To apply: [email protected]

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