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Company Background and General Requirements sells and maintains custom built WordPress based real estate websites to real estate agents and brokers across the U.S.

We're looking for a 'Client Success Manager.' You'll be meeting with new and current clients to help familiarize them with the websites we create fort them as well as to help them to better understand and use the tools and features that we offer to help them accomplish their goals. 

Our websites are called "Spark Sites" and you can learn all about them here:

An ideal candidate for this position will have the following experience:

And possess the following qualities:

AND will receive extra consideration for the following experience (although not required for the position)

Description of Responsibilities:

Live Site Walkthroughs:
When we launch a new client site, our clients are offered the option to setup a 45 minute 1on1 screen-share 'success' session you will host. During these meetings, you will help the client to become familiar with their new AgentFire website and the features therein, as well as offer guidance and recommendations to the client based on their individual goals! 

Live Chat & Email Support
We don’t just build sites.  We help provide guidance, advice, troubleshooting and customization requests through our support centers.  A lot of our support requests are handled via email and through our live chat systems.  This requires troubleshooting skills, advice and guidance techniques, and a willingness to seek client satisfaction. 

Phone Support
Some clients will need to speak directly with an agent on our staff.  Clients will either call in directly or schedule a chat with you regarding specific questions or concerns that they have with their sites.   

Trial Period (1-2 months): $10/hr 
Official Compensation: $12-$15/hr plus $100/week in positive review bonus commissions. If you are friendly, energetic, and helpful, it will be easy to earn over $100+ extra per week. 

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