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Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

Do you ever get that feeling that things are great, but still you’re missing something?  

We’ve got that feeling, and it might be you we’re missing!

Power Diary is an online Practice Management System that simplifies running Allied Health and Wellbeing practices.  We’ve grown to become one of the most popular Practice Management Systems in Australia and New Zealand, with an increasing presence in the UK and North American markets.

But let’s back it up a bit...

The thing is, right from the start we've been focussed on building amazing software and providing the sort of support that we’d love to receive ourselves.  For the most part we've let our software, support and happy customers do the talking, and boosted this with some AdWords, Facebook and print campaigns.

And don’t get me wrong, this has worked….

Back in 2011 we started out as two co-founder brothers (1 x Technology Expert and 1 x Psychologist) saying….  ‘Hey, I think we could do something really cool here’ today where:

So what are we missing?

Put simply: A dedicated, focussed communicator

Someone that gets us, gets what’s important to our customers, and knows how to communicate.
We love what we do. In fact we love doing what we do so much, that sometimes we don’t get around to actually telling people what we do. 
Whilst on one hand it’s flattering to get feedback like….

“We've been in business over 10 years but only discovered Power Diary in the last few years.  It has made such a huge difference - making everything run smoother, more efficiently and looks so professional - leaving us more time to focus on our clients.”

...on the other hand we can’t help thinking…. Maybe we could have done a better job at communicating so these nice people heard about us earlier!  

(That’s a real review by-the-way: Dr Kristine Kafer from Psychology Options.)

So we’re on the lookout for a full-time (but can live anywhere) Content Driven Growth Marketer to help us really move the communication and growth needle - ultimately right off the gauge!

That’s where you come in!

This is what you’ll be doing:

Your activities will achieve these three key outcomes:

1. Increased Free Trials being created each month across targeted countries
2. Increased conversion rates from Free Trial to Paying Customer
3. Reduced churn of paying customers

To be successful you’ll have the following:

A proven track record:

You’ll have experience in growing a young brand in the software / SaaS space and be able to demonstrate measurable results. This includes experience developing a growth strategy and delivering end-to-end marketing initiatives across modalities, locally and internationally.  You’ll have the ability to think strategically, but a willingness to get yours hand dirty too.

Tertiary qualifications in Marketing or related fields are desirable but not mandatory.  However, your knowledge and experience will enable you hit-the-ground running right from the start.  This is not an entry level / recent graduate position.

Excellent Writing Skills:

We really can’t emphasise this enough. A core element of this role involves writing engaging and interesting content whether it’s blog posts, newsletters, onboarding emails, or on social.  We’re going to want to see real examples of your work too.

Be Data-Driven:

You’ll have experience and enjoy using data to drive your decisions, and a track-record of testing and optimising the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives. You’ll have a good working knowledge of Google Analytics and a capacity to use research tools to identify and capitalise on SEO opportunities.

Success with Google Ads and Facebook Advertising Platforms:

You’ll have experience implementing, managing and optimising Google and Facebook ad campaigns, ideally in large markets including the UK, EU and North America.

Enjoy getting (digitally) in front of people:

This role is about connecting and communicating in whatever form this might be. You’ll need to able to present on camera (e.g. for webinars), and have a willingness to pick up a phone and call customers (e.g. for case studies, or market research).

Capacity to manage and coordinate outsourced professionals:

Whilst this role is mostly about actually doing, and not just coordinating others, we’ve got a lot of things on our marketing ‘to-do’ list, and we’re happy to use outsourced professionals to boost our resources when needed.  You’ll need to have the ability to co-ordinate with and at times directly manage other outsourced workers via Upwork and similar platforms.

To be able to work remotely:

Most of our employees work remotely.  This allows us to find the best people for the job, no matter where in the world they happen to live.  We love the advanced skill sets remote work allows us to attract, but it’s not for everyone. Whilst there will be regular opportunities to develop and review strategies together, and bounce ideas around, it’s important that you have the experience, confidence and personality type to be able to work independently.  That means being able to get things done and produce results without needing day-to-day guidance.

Things to know about us and this role:

We are a passionate, collaborative and driven team where everyone works together to make Power Diary the best it can be.  We are motivated by building something that makes a difference in the world. Great Practice Management Software not only makes it easier for practice owners to operate more efficiently and effectively, but also results in better healthcare for the community.

Whilst we are a well-established company, we have a start-up mindset.  We are not big on formality but are big on results and outcomes.

You can live anywhere, and work according to your local time zone, but you’ll be expected to be flexible when needed to participate in meetings and discussions, hit deadlines, or complete time-sensitive projects.

You will report directly to Co-founder, Damien Adler who oversees our Sales, Support and Marketing functions. We live on Slack, so you’ll use this a lot.  You’ll also have regular informal Skype calls with Damien, as well as take a lead role in our regular Marketing Progress and Strategy Meetings.  We also use Actioned to make sure we are getting the most important things done every day.


$70 000 – $100 000 USD pa (based on qualifications and experience)
Four weeks annual leave

To apply: Interested? Please send an application letter telling us a little about yourself, along with your CV to [email protected]. Be sure to outline how you feel your skills and experience place you in a position to great in this role. Where possible please also include real examples of work you have done, i.e. blog articles you’re written, social accounts you’ve managed, sales funnels you’ve developed.

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