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Headquarters: Fukuoka, Japan

Full-time position / $7,000 ~ $10,000 per month

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Medmain is a tech startup for healthcare, which was established within Japan in January 2018. We have won a variety of pitch competitions held in many parts of the world, including Silicon Valley, Estonia and so on. Today, countless aspects of life are being improved by the introduction of IT. However, there are still so many things that have yet to be changed in medicine, even though it is one of the most essential needs. Medmain is looking to solve this problem by creating a better healthcare system for the next generation with our specialized understanding in both medicine and engineering.

What do we do?

PidPort: a software for pathological image diagnosis using deep learning

Pathologists are doctors who check tissue sample of patients with a microscope and identify their condition. Currently, there are very few pathologists around and the world is facing a shortage of diagnosis experts for this job. Medmain is developing an AI that is capable of producing accurate and precise diagnosis reports in a minute. We are currently building the alpha version, and have already signed contracts with several large hospitals in Japan. The schedule is to release the final version by late 2019.

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