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Business Book Illustrator - Freelance / Project Based

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Headquarters: Raleigh

This is a project based, freelance position that can be done remotely from anywhere in the world.  

We prefer candidates from North America and/or Western Europe.

Project Brief:
We are nearing completion of a new business book focused on helping traditional companies reinvent themselves for Digital.  The book is part strategy, part "how to", and part case study.  The manuscript is approx. 58,000 words.  We think there are approx. 20-25 illustrations / tables required for the book.  We're not sure, but we're hoping an experienced illustrator can give us help and guidance in this area.

Ideal Candidate:
We seek an illustrator who has worked on both traditionally published business books as well as self-published business books.  We prefer candidates who have a wide range of illustration styles from conservative to whimsical.   

If Interested Please Contact us and provide the following:
 1 - A link to your portfolio
 2 - A list of prior books you've illustrated
 3 - Rate Guidance
 4 - Current Availability


To apply: [email protected]

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