Backend Software Engineer

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Headquarters: Munich, DE and New York, NY

What we're looking for
LaterPay is looking for a full time Backend Software Engineer to join our distributed tech team. You’ll work on various backend applications, building new features, as well as maintaining and fixing existing code.

We’re looking to hire someone at mid-level level or higher. We would expect the ideal candidate to be able to: 

Your tasks
You’ll be responsible for:

About you
Our ideal candidate has:

How we work
LaterPay has around 40 people spread over 12+ countries in time zones from UTC-8 to UTC+2. We’re a distributed team, though we have offices in Munich (DE) and New York (US).

We care more about the things you do than your presence at a chair at a desk at 9am every day. That said, most of us work Monday - Friday from 9ish UTC to 6ish UTC, and ideally you’ll overlap at least 4 hours with that. We try to be as asynchronous as possible, but still feel that we need some “synchronicity” to work well.

We value trust, ownership, collaboration, transparency, respect and inclusion. We're proud to have employees from many different nationalities, genders, ages, backgrounds, educations, and races. We believe that intentionally assembling a diverse team is not only the right thing to do, but also necessary to build a product that works for and appeals to an audience that faithfully reflects our communities and our shared planet.


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Our preference goes to applications with cover letters. 

We will be accepting applications until January 4th, 2019.

Up to €75,000/year

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