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ASP.NET MVC developer

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Headquarters: Wellington, New Zealand

GoSkills is an exciting new online company dedicated to providing high quality courses on a great platform. We are continuously experimenting to improve the user experience and improve our attractiveness to consumers and businesses. Our team is distributed from Hong Kong to New York, either working from home or from co-working spaces.



You will have experience in:

Equipment and office space

For this role you will need to provide your own computer. If you choose to work from home you will need to provide your own high-speed internet connection.

If you are living in Hong Kong, you can join the GoSkills team in our Hong Kong Island office.


Anywhere in the world, but within a workable time zone.

Most of your work will be with other GoSkills people in Hong Kong, the US and New Zealand. The developers all currently live in New Zealand.

What you get

To apply: [email protected]

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