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Account Executive- USA

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Headquarters: California

We are searching for highly analytical individuals with a demonstrated interest in technology to join our growing Sales team. An ideal candidate should be a fast learner and be able to understand complex systems. We are looking for someone who thinks independently, complies with standards, and maintains the highest levels of transparency and work ethic.

No previous sales experience is required. We are looking for qualities, not experience. You will need to demonstrate a history of excellence and commitment in all fields to which you applied yourself. Working for us, you will have the opportunity to learn new sales, business and technical skills. As our company grows, so will your opportunities. You will contribute to the exchange of ideas while we constantly work to advance our product.

We work 100% remotely, each team member from their own home. Our employees work full-time salaried positions with a complete benefits package (health/dental insurance, 401K, vacation/sick days).

Salary: $25K- $30K yearly salary 


Please ensure you can work the below full-time shift before applying:


The shift is full-time, Monday-Friday. The above eight-hour shift would be your usual schedule but more time may be required depending on daily circumstances.



To apply: [email protected]

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